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Social Media Management

Reach audiences on multiple channels

With Content Queens, you can hand entrust with the full management of your social media accounts, or choose to add social media promotion to your content package. As part of a content package we will share all the content we produce to your social accounts once the content is published.



If you sign-up for full social media management, we will safeguard your reputation whilst engaging with your target market and other industry influencers.

Initially we will review your social media accounts, discuss what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past, and ensure your pages are setup on the platforms targeting the right audience effectively.

We will then create a social media strategy to meet the goals you set for social media; whether its to increase sales, visits, engagement, brand exposure etc. The strategy will involve working within your brand tone of voice and creating content that is on-brand, suited to your target audience and scheduled to optimal posting times.



Social media content is different to other content marketing pieces, because “microblogging” limits the account manager to one sentence per post. However, once we crack the formula that works for you we create full campaigns for the content your audiences are most responsive to. Allowing you to become associated with quality content and becoming further recognizable.

At Content Queens we also use our own in-house content calendar of “important dates” for public holidays, religious festivals, political events etc to ensure your brand makes an appearance for every one applicable to you.



Social Media advertising is glorified for its unique user targeting systems. We can pin down users you want to target based on many demographics, interests and online behaviour, meaning pay per click ads will only ever be clicked by the right people.

At Content Queens we have various advertising strategies that will draw in the likes, follows or website visits you need. Coupled a couple of strong content pieces on your website, social advertising can be very powerful.

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