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Newsletter Content Production & Distribution

Do you have a neglected mailing list? Are those newsletter subscribers getting enough engaging content between promotional campaigns?

Newsletters are a great way to maintain regular contact with your audience and bring them back to your website. Remember, even if you're not a repeat buying business, extra engagement with your site is good for search engine optimization. This is because stats such as number of visitors, time on site, number of pages explored etc. all signal the quality of your website to search engines.

We can help you plan and create content for regular newsletters. You can even integrate your news feed with your newsletter to ensure you have regular new content for your visitors and make the most of the feed content on your website.

We also recommend adding content to your newsletter that is interactive or promotes your services or special offers in a more discrete way. Instead of emailing followers solely about your latest special offers, make it part of newsletter in a "latest announcements" section.

...And remember to make the most of your audience. Mailing lists can be used to run surveys and polls to generate statistics and findings in your own industry, get some feedback or allow users to share opinions and create a community feel.


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News Feed Integration

Keep your target audience coming back for more

Do you have an industry news section, blog or 'inspiration' section on your website that's regularly updated? 

If yes, we highly recommend pushing this content out to previous site visitors to encourage them to come back. 

User re-engagement is great for the SEO of your website and ensures visitors are always aware of your latest offers, advice or changes. 

We can take on the role publishing all your news stories with links to the stories in full on a regular basis. 

Please also feel free to consult about automation solutions. We may be able to add additional functionality to your content management system to send out latest news stories etc. 


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