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News Feeds & Article Writing Services

News feeds are a great way to keep a relevance with your customers and keep them informed. By becoming a reliable source of information, you can ensure more return visits and trust in your brand.

We love writing news feeds. Our first task of the day is to scope the headlines and pick out stories relevant to our clients. Being "on the pulse" of industry knowledge is our job – and makes us 10x more knowledgeable at dinner parties.

Signing up for news feed with Content Queens means signing off a monthly content plan, similar to our blog service. However, if there is a breaking news story we may contact you to consider reshuffling the plan to accommodate the new story. We want to help you be as reactive to news stories as possible.

Once we have sign-off on your plan, we will get to work and write your news stories for the month and send the completed content over for sign-off before we publish on the agreed dates.

Every article we write for you is grounded is SEO tactics, meaning we will optimize your content for the search engines and make content suggests if we spot an opportunity.

Make the news with your own data

E Newsletter Integration

Send news updates to your customers

Witness the effectiveness of newsletters by updating your mail list every couple of weeks with all your news stories. 

In addition to uploading great news stories to your website's newsfeed, we can use the same content to encourage repeat visits from those on your mailing list.

Even if you're not generally a repeat-buy service, attracting repeat visits allows your website to prove its quality to search engines by boosting your proof of engagement statistics. 


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