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Interactive Content

Improve SEO with higher User Engagement

Regular new content is important to your website for multiple reasons, but why limit this to just articles?

The end goal of content marketing is to bring quality traffic that will convert on your website. SO, if you really want your content to pack a punch and get you noticed in search and remembered by your visitors, consider mixing up your content with more interactive pieces. 

The more engaging your content is, the greater the quality signals you emit to search engines e.g. Longer user visits, more pages explored and backlinks. You can also target keywords on phrases on platforms your competitors may have missed such as YouTube.

Examples of Interactive Content

Quizzes, polls, surveys
Forums, comment sections, reviews
Games, demos
Infographics, flowcharts, printable content
Tools & Calculators

The list is endless.

...And it doesn't have to be complicated! We're experienced in delivering interactive content for various businesses with different marketing budgets. We simply find a gap in the content market and fill it within your means.

We recommend signing up for a mixed content package with at least 1 piece of interactive content a month e.g. 3 articles & 1 interactive piece per month. 


Mixed Content Package

Case Study

Stag & Hen Liverpool - Hen Party Planner

As part of their monthly content plan, Stag and Hen Liverpool signed-up to our idea for a downloadable, printable and interactive hen party planner. 

Then hen party planner is downloadable PDF with pages for the guest list, accommodation arrangements, food, parking, everything a girl could dream of..

Followed by a strategic outreach campaign, the planner received thousands of downloads and was featured in online publications including Hitched.co.uk & Wedding Ideas Mag.

See Hen Party Planner

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