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Creating Insight

Make the news with your own Stats & Facts

Whilst much of our expertise is about finding the topics and stories that people are looking for and finding new ways to present them, we also recommend being the source of new information. 

Unique content gives your visitors something truly unique and receives vastly better reception in outreach campaigns. 

The key to effective investigative content for marketing purposes is simplicity, as there's nothing worse than a great idea followed by weeks and months of planning and delays. We like to produce something meaningful and move onto the next piece.

As part of a mixed content package or one-off content piece, we will undergo some research, polling or analysis that fits within a tight time frame and budget. Whilst it might not be groundbreaking, you can offer new insight into your industry from you own sample, especially if it's a particularly niche sample e.g. landlords, students, business owners etc.).

If you don't have an audience to survey, our content creators are trained in content analyses, meaning we can find new insight in other sources: the internet, the papers, TV, online discourse etc. We also have access to tools that reflect the online behavior and interests of populations e.g. search trends, website heat map analysis, linking and more; all of which can be creatively used to spot patterns and trends in your industry. 


Mixed Content Package

Case Study

PIMS.co.uk General Election Poll

Ahead of the government's roll-out of the new "right to rent " checks, we advised PIMS to run their own survey on the matter as part of their weekly newsletter.

We wanted to find out if landlords were really ready for the legislation and if the new checks might affect tenants looking for homes in the private rental sector.

The results collected were dramatic and had huge implications for tenants who are non-UK nationals, as almost half of the hundreds of landlords surveyed said they would only prefer to rent to British passport holders only... perhaps because of unfamiliarity with immigration documents - but that was for the readers and commenters to debate!

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