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Blog Management

our monthy blog writing service

Give us a blog to run with and we will deliver you great weekly content for a seamless blog experience. 

For blog management, we work use a systematic process, that we will simply repeat every month. It's designed to leave you as hands-free as possible, but retain the control to decide what content is published to your website.

SEO is at at the heart of all the blog articles we write; tailored for your website. However, we also want to create a great user experience, which means our articles are never boring and are full of substance. Don't let your blog fall into the trap of bland articles laden with keywords. SEO is much more tactical than that; it needs to provide a great user experience to boost site performance indicators such as visitor time on site, number of pages explored and sharing - all of which contribute to your performance in search engines. With our blog service you'll employ the tactics to do just that.

If you're struggling to find the time or SEO expertise to do this on weekly basis, Content Queens will put a monthly strategy together for you. Committing to an expertly planned monthly strategy will ensure your blog is effectively targeted, engaging and meets key dates in your industry e.g. Trade Shows, Black Friday, public holidays etc.

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How It Works

it's all about slick timing

Here are the steps we will take to manage your blog on a monthly basis:

1. Prior to the first month, we will research hot topics that need to be addressed in your blog. This is based on SEO, target audience and keyword research. 

2. Based on this research, we will put a content plan together for the month including titles, article detail, target audience, publication dates etc and send this to you for sign-off.

3. Once you sign-off the blog plan we will get to work on the content as soon as possible for early completion before the publication dates. 

4. The completed content is delivered to you for final sign-off before we publish everything on the agreed publication dates (weekly, bi-weekly, 4 days a month...)

5. We upload all your blog content, inclusive of beautiful imagery and schedule for publication (if your CMS allows) or on the day. 

6. We repeat the cycle and start planning for the next month.

In working together like this, your blog becomes a well-oiled machine and will begin to feel as if it's running itself!

If you're interested in having your blog managed by Content Queens, please get in touch via one of our contact forms

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