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Content For All Ages

Make them think, laugh or learn

Here at Content Queens we have experience in producing content for all age groups. This means we have the skills and ability to create content that will be appealing to your target audience – whatever their age!

We understand that different age groups require specific writing styles, images, videos, references, topics and much more. We will research your target audience, discover their specific interests and experiences, and create content that will attract them to your website.



Whether you need content for your web pages or a fresh new blog, we can deliver. If your website is aimed at children we will aim to produce fun, exciting content that will appeal to their interests. We have recently worked on a “Wellness Workshop” for one of our clients, which was aimed at children and their parents, meaning the content had to be suitable for both ages. By combining important life skills and lessons with fun, interactive activities, we developed an engaging workshop that could be enjoyed by both children and their parents.



Teenagers want information…and they want it now. To cater to this age, we aim to develop relevant content containing the latest news, trends, gossip, products, gadgets etc. No matter what your topic, we will make it exciting and engaging for your teenage audience.


Young Adults

This age group are a mixture of students and working professionals. They are tech savvy and quick thinking. Whichever type of young adults you are targeting (males, females, students, professionals etc.), we are here to help create some attention-grabbing content that will draw in your audience. We have previously produced content on experience days for young adults. This consisted of delivering activity page content and consistently updating the blog.


Older Adults/Professionals

For those catering for an older clientele or working professionals, we will research your target audience and work with you on developing great content that will catch the eye of your audience. We have produced a variety of content aimed at older adults including election content for our client PIMS and accounting software reviews for another client Acornford Technical Services.