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Influencer Marketing: The Modern Way

Author: Amanda Hosking

Influencer marketing has been popular for a long time. It began with celebrity influencers promoting brands via advertising and other means. For example, perfume advertisements featuring famous actresses. However, with the rise of technology a new type of influencer has come to the surface. These new influencers are present online on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, and have gained large followings. They have become internet famous.

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These influencers become famous by creating interesting blogs, vlogs, YouTube videos, Snapchat stories and much more. One example is Zoella who is a fashion and beauty vlogger. She first began by creating her blog ‘Zoella’ which focused on fashion and beauty tips, advice, reviews etc. She then went on to create her own YouTube channel. She gained a substantial following and is now a celebrity. She has her own range of products and has written two books.

A Gartner study reveals 60-70% of businesses use influencers to market and promote their brand. We all love to know what others think of products, especially high-profile people, which is why these celebrities influence consumers. This is why influencer marketing works.

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Influencer Marketing Tips

If you want to use an influencer in your marketing efforts, follow the tips below.

Outline your Aim

Before you meet with an influencer you need to ensure you know what your main aims are. E.g. do you want to increase sales or increase engagement? You then need to choose the influencer that will meet these aims. Think about the types of influencers and which one would best meet your needs. Influencer types include celebrities, bloggers/vloggers, and industry experts.

Opt for Long-Term Collaborations

A long-term advocate of your brand will be more authentic than a one-time thing. Also, ensure your influencer is not promoting other competing products or brands as this will send out the wrong message to their audience and they may be viewed as less genuine.

Get to Know your Influencer

Learn about your chosen influencer and their brand, personality, interests, audience etc. See if their style aligns with your brand or product. The message about your brand from the influencer needs to be genuine, so your interests need to be similar. E.g. a beauty vlogger discussing white goods would not work as it would be seen as fake and unauthentic. Knowing your influencer will also help you work better together.

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Nail the Content

Work out what content works best for your brand. For example, blogs, videos, reviews, tips, guides. This may take some testing to see how different types of content perform.

Be Genuine

An influencer needs to be authentic or else they are likely to lose followers. Consumers want quality, honest content, not fake. They want the influencers true opinion, not a paid opinion. So, if they feel like it’s basically an ad for a product they will not want to view it. Your product needs to work with the influencer you choose and be relevant to their brand and style.


A Real-world Example

An example of influencer marketing done well is from Universal Orlando, who asked 17 influencers to produce videos detailing their experiences at the resort. 28 videos were created, and they gathered a huge 40 million impressions for Universal Orlando.

Universal said the influencer marketing worked so well because they gave the influencers free reign to video anything they wanted to within the park. They didn’t have scripts or certain rides or products to promote. This makes the videos more authentic.

We think influencer marketing is a great marketing technique as long as the message is viewed as authentic by the audience.