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How to Get into the Christmas Spirit

Author: Amanda Hosking

The Christmas season is here…hoorah! However, for many of us, it can be hard to get into the Christmas spirit. Some years it just doesn’t ‘feel’ like Christmas and the season can quickly pass us by.

santa                                                                                                                                             pixabay.com

If this sounds like you, but you really want to feel festive, then we have some great tips on how you can start to feel that Christmas spirit right away.

Christmas Music

If anything is going to get you in the mood for Christmas, its music. Songs are uplifting and can instantly give you the festive feeling. Spotify have a wonderful range of Christmas playlists from the classics to jazz and piano. The classics will get you into the spirit in no time.

Festive Films

Make a warm drink, bring down some blankets, get cosy and watch a festive film. The more you watch the merrier you will feel! Netflix have their own original movies which are cheesy but brilliant and they also have classics such as ‘Miracle on 34th Street’.

drink and popcorn                                                                                                                                            pixabay.com

Put up the Decorations

It’s difficult to feel festive if your home is void of any Christmas décor. Putting up the tree is great fun and can definitely give you the Christmas feeling. Add more to your home with garlands, bunting, tinsel!

Go to Christmas Events

Venture out to Christmas events with family and friends. There are Christmas Markets all over the country which are full of festive shops, food and drink. Other events include light shows and local get-togethers.

christmas markets                                                                                                                                            pixabay.com

Buy Festive Food & Drink

If you’re a foodie, then Christmas food and drink is the way for you! From mince pies to mulled wine there is plenty of food to get you into the Christmas spirit.

Do some Christmas Shopping

Shopping centres go all out for the festive season with Christmas music playing and decorations galore. By the time you come out, you may find you are feeling very festive indeed!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!