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Mixed Content Package Examples

Welcome to content pick and mix

If you're making the decision to inject more substance into your content, we recommend signing up for a content package that includes SEO-written articles and an "extra special" piece of content for outreaching, such as a research or insight piece, video or something interactive

All packages are based on a monthly basis. We recommend a minimum of 4 elements per month (which usually works out to publishing once a week).


Corporate Example

1 Insight Piece     +     1 Video   +     2 News Articles     +     Newsletter



3 Blog Articles     +     1 Interactive     +     Outreach


Travel or Venue

1 Interactive     +     1 Video     + 2 Blog Articles



2 Blog Articles     +     2 Videos



2 News     +     1 Blog Article     +     1 Newsletter

Your quotation will be based the type and complexity of the content you need (whether it will require an executive or senior producer). Once you get in touch, we can discuss what would be best and most achievable for your website within your digital marketing budget.

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