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Content Packages

Monthly Content Writing Packages for Quality & Convenience

Our aim is to make content marketing as simple as possible for you, by creating and uploading great content frequently to your website. Our packages are designed to deliver just what you need, be it a monthly cycle of articles with one interactive piece, a news feed, newsletter content or all the content for a brand new website. Each is designed to boost the SEO of your website and add more value to your website so that visitors keep coming back.

Packages allow an agreed quantity of content to be ordered on a monthly cycle; cutting out all the back and forth that content marketing usually ensues.


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Weekly Blog Articles

Researched, Written & Uploaded for you

We are happy to supply you with weekly blog articles or take on full management of your blog, by researching topics to suit common search queries, industry trends, SEO copywriting and uploading each finished article with beautiful imagery.

With weekly blog articles, you will have the peace of mind that your website is constantly updating with fresh content – which is great for both users and search engines.

Every topic, title and keyword is based on SEO research which we will perform before writing the blog plan. This means every article we write for you is targeted and created as part of a wider content strategy tailored to your website.


Optional Addition: Social Media Posting
We will post each blog article to your social media platforms with the best hashtags identified in our research for the best exposure.


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News Package

Full News writing Service

Are you an industry that constantly changes or is often under the media spotlight? Are your customers or services affected by the changes in politics, economy or trends we see every day? If so, you can benefit from a Content Queens news package.

With the Content Queens news package, you will receive a monthly brief containing all the stories we have scoped out that are relevant to your business. Once you sign-off the brief, we get the stories written up for your website in a way that speaks to your readers, answers their questions and discusses the potential impact on them.

When your stories are uploaded we will share them on your social media and package all yours news stories into a bi-weekly or monthly newsletter for your mailing list. 

We will also notify you of any breaking news stories relevant to your brand, so you can hop on the social media or sign-off a breaking news story from us.

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Entire Websites

Content production in time for your website launch

If you have a new website going live and need help getting the content ready for launch, ask us about our Entire Website package.

We can help with the planning of your sitemap, the content you will need, keyword research and/or the copywriting itself.

Everything we write puts the user experience the and website SEO first, so you can rely on us to produce something that’s truly valuable and beneficial to your site.

Get in touch about your website, tell us where you’re up to and the direction you’d like to go in. We can at least offer you some advice or put you a quote together to have your content ready for launch. 


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SEO Content Writing

Building on the SEO of Your Website Month-by-month

We're not just any content agency. Everything we write is designed with SEO at the core, but that doesn't always mean starting in your news or blog section. 

Important areas of your website such key service pages or product categories need to optimised well to pick up more traffic from search engines. 

Signing up for a Content Queens SEO Content Writing Package means we will work through your website month-by-month improving content across your whole website and recommending new SEO pages before moving onto content marketing. 

We believe it's key to getting the rest of your website right before hammering away at the blog. We will always review your site properly and advise where would be best for you to start from an SEO perspective. 

Best of all, because this is an ongoing process to continually build on the SEO of your website, we can work to a budget that suits you.  

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On Tap

Content Writing When you need it

Take a monthly content quantity agreement with us, and we’ll produce the content you decide you need each month. Whether its blogs, news, a new webpage, advertorials or social media posts, you could have us on tap.

Pint not included. 

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Mixed Content Package

Target More Channels for better SEO

Thinking about going into content beyond the written word? ..You'd be thinking wisely.

The competition for organic traffic via search engines is immense. More and more companies are wising up to the need for great content, but how many of your competitors have gone the extra mile? By creating content that goes beyond written articles, you can target more channels e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Google Images, Slideshare etc some of which your competitors may have missed! 

Hit the SEO even harder and engage with visitors in more interesting way. People don’t just sit around reading articles all day, the second most used search engine today is YouTube.

Get in touch about a mixed content package and we can discuss what types of content you could publish every month. We recommend a combination of articles and one or two interactive pieces per month to keep your site interesting, continually building on SEO and targeting other channels.

We're a content creation agency that want to make rich and varied content more accessible to more online businesses, meaning we can create a content plan to suit your content budget.

Optional Addition 1: Outreach Campaign
We will outreach one of your monthly content pieces for more exposure and links.

Optional Addition 2: Social Media Posting
We will also post all uploaded content to your social media platforms with the most effective hashtags.


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