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What is Newsjacking?

Author: Amanda Hosking

Newsjacking is done by thousands of brands around the world and is highly promoted in the marketing domain. So, what is newsjacking? It is using a breaking news story to your advantage by producing your own content about the story with a unique spin on it. This can help to get your brand noticed and can increase your marketing and sales progress.

As there are so many news stories every day, you need to report on a new story quickly, as they only have a short lifespan. Focusing on news that is related to your business is the best way forward, however, you can report on unrelated news if you find a clever way to use it. Just be careful - you don't want to be "that guy" that leverages everything and you certainly want to be sensitive to serious stories.

Reporting on the recent news can be done via social media, on a blog, on YouTube, or any other media platform.

Here are some of the best newsjacks from brands:

1. Charmin
Charmin made the most of the Oscars with its humorous brand marketing on twitter. The tweets were simple, funny and related to both the brand and the Oscars. The tweets were popular and drew attention to their brand, a good example of how newsjacking can promote your brand.


newsjacking example 1

Source: contentmarketinginstitute.com


2. Oreo Cookie
Oreo were quick to the mark when the Super Bowl had a power outage in 2013. They instantly posted the image below to Facebook with the quote ‘Power Out? No problem’. Although the brand was not directly related to the Super Bowl, they managed to come up with some witty marketing which gained lots of attention. The image had over 19800 likes, 6600 shares, and 790 comments. This is pretty successful newsjacking!


newsjacking example 2

Source: wired.com


3. Nestle KitKat
Just before the highly-anticipated space skydive by Felix Baumgartner in 2012, Nestle sent a KitKat chocolate bar up into the stratosphere along with a GoPro camera. This was to ‘show support’ for Baumgartner, alongside promoting their brand of course!

This was unique and technically impressive.





4. DiGiorno Pizza
This pizza brand used NBC’s live showing of ‘The Sound of Music’ to their advantage by coming up with a creative tweet. They inserted the hashtag #thesoundofmusiclive followed by ‘Can’t believe pizza isn’t one of her favorite things smh’.

DiGiorno made their brand relevant to the event with this clever tweet and added an element of fun. This was clearly popular with users based on the number of retweets and favorites on the image below.


digiorno pizza

Source: contentmarketinginstitute.com


5. Marketwatch
When ‘The Walking Dead’ was at its prime Marketwatch ingeniously used storylines and characters from the show to deliver important business management advice. This combination of zombies and business was fun and clever, the article appeared on entertainment and business blogs and gathered a lot of attention (from business people and fans of the show).

Click here to read the article.



newsjacking example 4

Source: screenrant.com


Now you have seen some newsjacking from the pros, give it a go yourself!