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UNILAD is 2016's Most Prevalent Publisher on Facebook

Author: Amanda Hosking

Image: UNILAD co-founders Sam Bentley and Liam Harrington. Source: forbes.com


Content and Video publishers UNILAD have taken the throne for most popular Facebook page of 2016. It pipped both the Daily Mail and competitor Lad Bible to the post.

Data from Tubular Labs, a cross-platform observation company, showed the media company gained almost one billion likes, shares, and comments on content on its Facebook page. In addition, the company also acquired over 25 billion views of their video content through Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Vine over the last 12 months.




Dog Sucks at Hide and Seek. Source: UNILAD YouTube Channel.
Company co-founders Liam Harrington and Sam Bentley revealed the reason for their success is due to having a small dedicated team. Bentley said ‘we didn’t achieve success by throwing loads of money at things, but with a small team who consistently strive to be the best at what they do.’

UNILAD started off as a website but Facebook is now their primary focus. They keep their Facebook page current by posting new content throughout each day. Their comical, fan-submitted videos are extremely engaging and UNILAD have recently branched out into more serious issues. They have created live videos and films for the Homeless World Cup and Manchester Dog’s Home to name a few.


It is great to see a company using their influence to address such important issues and getting the message across to its viewers.

Competitor 9GAG was the second most popular Facebook page gaining 790 million likes, shares and comments. This was followed by Tasty (Buzzfeeds food page) and Lad Bible.


Let’s see if they can keep the top spot for 2017!