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Top Valentines Marketing Campaigns

Author: Amanda Hosking

With the day of love coming up, we tend to come across a sea of red cards in the shops and a range of Valentine's themed gifts to purchase for your loved ones. Brands and stores do their upmost to market their products through adverts, banners, videos, social media and more.

Over the years there have been some memorable ad campaigns by different brands who have developed creative and exciting ways to advertise their products. Some products are not directly related to Valentine’s Day, but the brands have used the event to advertise them in innovative ways. Here are some of our favourites:

Uber: Romance on Demand

For Valentine’s Day 2013 Uber offered customers the option of having roses delivered to their loved ones. This flower delivery service was rolled out in 15 cities in the US and proved to be a big hit.

To send roses, customers logged in to the Uber app and then chose the flower delivery option and entered the location they were to be delivered to. An Uber driver in a suit then delivered the roses to the selected location alongside a customised card.

The service was in demand – increasing awareness the Uber brand and boosting downloads of the app. We think this was an extremely clever idea!

Deadpool: Valentine’s Banner

The marketing for last year’s Marvel film ‘Deadpool’ was comical and very creative. One example of this was the Deadpool banner that was produced, which presented the film as being a romantic story about true love! This seemed fitting and tricked many people, as the film was released on Valentines weekend.

People found the teaser hilarious and it raised recognition of the film before its release.

deadpool poster                                                                                                                                 Source: comingsoon.net

Coca-Cola: Love is in the Air

Coca-Cola is well known for their innovative brand advertising with campaigns including the iconic ‘Holidays are Coming’ Christmas advert and ‘Share a Coke’ with names appearing on bottles.

For Valentine’s Day 2013 a video was released which shows Coca-Cola cans tied to red balloons being sent out across a city. People watch as the cans float through the air and take one when it lands near them.

This ad spreads the love and is another great campaign from Coca-Cola.


Innocent Smoothies: Make Your Own Label

In 2012 Innocent Smoothies encouraged customers to go online and create their own ‘love label’ to wrap around a smoothie bottle. Users created their own label online using a pre-created message or personal love message. This could then be printed and wrapped around a bottle to give to their loved one.

This campaign was unique and inspired and was great for brand advertising.

innocent smoothies                                                                                                                                       Source: thedrum.com

Cartier: The Proposal

Cartier’s video featured three different proposal stories and was enjoyed by the public due to being so powerful and emotive. The stories were told in detail and showed how romantic a proposal can be, a very touching video for Valentine’s Day. It publicised the brand extremely well.


Ford Mustang: Speed Dating Prank

Stepping away from the traditional romantic Valentine’s ads, Ford went for a dating prank in 2015. To promote the Ford Mustang, the video showed men going on a blind date with a professional female stunt driver. Their reactions to her extreme driving were secretly filmed in the car. This was unexpected and different causing it to go viral. This was brilliant for brand promotion!