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Tips for a Company Newsletter

Author: Amanda Hosking

Company newsletters are a great way to engage with your customers. You can deliver interesting news, need to know information, offers and promotions and company success stories. If researched and written well, they can become engaging reads for customers.

Creating a newsletter can benefit your business in many ways. It can:

• Increase sales from existing customers
• Lead to new custom
• Keep your company on the customer’s mind
• Provide you with a range of articles you can put on your website (blog/news section)


Overall, a newsletter is a brilliant marketing tool which can be sent either through the post or by email. Below are some tips for producing a successful newsletter:


Your newsletter needs to stand out from the crowd and grab the reader’s attention. Draw the reader in with the design, layout, images, and headlines. Choose an eye-catching design, quality images, and intriguing headlines.


Choose interesting topics

Write about topics that your customers will be interested in. Examples are headline news, company news, offers, top tips and advice. It is essential to know what your customer’s areas of interest as they will not read about topics that are of no interest to them.


Avoid information overload

Keep the newsletter concise and do the same for the articles that it will link to. Readers are less likely to read the newsletter if it is text heavy. Create short, snappy headlines and phrases that lure the customer in.

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Focus on tone

You need to decide what tone to write your newsletter in. This all depends on your company and target audience. For example, fashion retailers could have a casual tone with some humour, whereas an accounting company would have a more professional, face based tone.

Get help

If you are struggling to produce the required articles each week/month consider hiring a copywriter to ease the workload. Copywriters can generate new ideas, give advice, check spelling, write articles, send out newsletters and are open to other suggestions.

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