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This Years Top Christmas Ads

Author: Amanda Hosking

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The festive season is now well underway which means the eagerly awaited Christmas ads have now been released. From cheeky and fun to utterly tear-jerking, there are some great ones to watch this year.

Here’s a quick round-up of our favourites to get you into the Christmas spirit:


Sainsbury’s ‘The Big Night’

This heart-warming ad centres on a schools Christmas performance to family and friends. A girl dressed as the north star overcomes her fear and sings her heart out to the crowd. She is joined by more children dressed up as Christmas items including a fairly-light plug which steals the show…just watch you will see what we mean!


Argos ‘The Christmas Fool’

This cheeky ad features a mischievous creature who tries to ruin Christmas in people’s homes. Think unwrapping presents and pushing over trees. An Argos delivery driver then catches the creature and saves the day.


Aldi ‘Kevin the Carrot and the Wicked Parsnip’

Kevin is off on more adventures this Christmas. This time Kevin fights a wicked parsnip to save his family from the parsnip’s evil clutches. These ads are lots of fun and we love to see the new instalments each year.


John Lewis ‘The Boy and the Piano’

Get ready for another tear-jerker from John Lewis, this year featuring Elton John and how he came to become the star he is today. The story shows how powerful a gift can be.

We hope you feel full of festive cheer after watching these ads...Merry Christmas from Content Queens!