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This Years Social Media Trends

Author: Amanda Hosking

Social media is ever evolving and thus we see new trends cropping up each year. Using social media to promote your brand can be highly effective, you just need to know what content and interaction users want from social media, and this can change over time.

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To help with social media marketing, here are the new trends of 2018.


Snapchat stories was where this trend began, and it has now been adopted by several other social media platforms including Instagram and YouTube. Stories are a compilation of photos and videos that users post to their ‘story’ for the day. These then disappear after 24 hours.

Stories present a fun, in the moment way for users to share their day and it is gaining in popularity. Make use of this in your marketing strategy.



As mentioned in our previous blog post, influencer marketing is big news. Having an influencer on board to promote your brand can increase customer engagement and sales. Due to the increase in this trend, finding an influencer is now more difficult as brands compete against each other.

One piece of advice is to form long-term partnerships with your chosen influencers to avoid the brand competition. In addition, ensure that your influencer aligns well with your brand, so their message is authentic.


There has been a growth in brands using chatbots for customer support in recent years. Chatbots provide an easy way for customers to interact with a brand and it is a popular form of communication for millennials who prefer online messaging over phone or email.

Now may be the time to discuss if a chatbot would help your brand.



Social media users love quality video content. Videos are quick and easy to watch and catch your attention. Hence, it is no wonder they are a major trend that will continue to grow in popularity.

When devising your social media strategy think about adding more video content as you will likely see more engagement than written content and/or images. Make your videos original and exciting to attract a user’s attention.

Brand/Customer Engagement

Social media is not just a place for brands to advertise their products, it is also a place to engage with customers. And this engagement trend is growing as customers like to mention brands in their posts, enjoy receiving responses from brands, and use social media to message brands for customer support.

Create great relationships with your customers by being accessible on social media. It’s all about interaction. Reply to messages, comment on posts, help with customer support and your following will grow.

Get on board with these trends to keep customers engaged with your brand. Be sure to update your social media marketing strategy as each new trend comes to light.