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The Power of User Generated Content

Author: Amanda Hosking


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Companies are all competing to attract the attention of customers. Marketing campaigns, such as slick advertisements and celebrity endorsements help them to achieve this goal. However, the way people shop is changing, with User Generated Content being a strong influence on consumers.

A current study by ‘Crowdtrap’ reported that young people (millennials) are more likely to trust shoppers’ recommendations than professional ad campaigns, sales pitches and celebrity promotions.

This shows that traditional marketing techniques are not as effective as they used to be, especially with the younger generation.

For the millennial’s it is all about UGC. This is content created by people who are not paid to produce it. Examples are social media posts, photos, videos, blogs and reviews. In this digital world, it is extremely easy for people to access this content and get involved.

The digital world

UGC is highly influential on users. One-third of 18–24 year olds said that social media was likely to influence their vote in the previous general election. This was not due to political party’s content on social media, but because they are likely to be influenced by their peer’s opinions on the subject.

In addition to their peer’s opinions, consumers are also influenced by the opinions of strangers. 88% of online consumers trust online reviews as much as a friend’s recommendation. This means reviews can highly influence consumer purchases.

The digital world is now bigger than ever. Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram all have increased followings with more and more people entering the online world. Users can then access UGC from all platforms.

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Use UGC to your advantage

No matter how much time and effort is invested into advertising, it cannot compete with the word of mouth sharing of this new generation. However, companies can use this sharing power to their advantage by providing a platform for the discussion to start on.

By allowing customers to add reviews and give feedback on their products, companies can let their customers sell products for them! 75% of shoppers expect to be able to leave reviews on products they have purchased.

Reviews are the best promotion of a brands products, with 92% of online consumers reading customer feedback.

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Encourage UGC and make it attention grabbing

Creating a platform where consumers can input photos and videos into their reviews can do wonders for a business. Photos and videos are shared 10,000 times more than just plain text. And video UGC is watched ten times more than brand advertisements.

This sharing platform will attract more consumer attention to the company and create shopper conversations on their own website.

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Let the power of UGC sell your products for you, make the most of it!