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The Importance of Social Media Presence

Author: Amanda Hosking


The consumption of social media is continuing to rise and the ways a person can make use of these platforms are evolving. In addition to interacting with friends/family, individuals now use social media to interact with brands and companies.

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This communication could be in the form of asking a company a question on Facebook Messenger or, tweeting a complaint. The younger generations, in particular, prefer to communicate via text as opposed to phone calls. This means options such as email and live chat have become more popular. And so, it makes sense that communicating via social media would be the next step.

This means that it is important for a company to have an excellent social media presence. This includes regular posts and updates, and the option for contact via each platform.

If a company does not have the option for social media contact, this could create a negative impression of the business from customers who wish to make contact this way. Alternatively, it could lead to a potential customer opting for a competing company which does communicate via social media.

Social media is essential to a brands success and can boost sales, customer engagement and customer satisfaction. A recent study by HSO investigated people’s expectations of brands using social media.

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They found that three-quarters of UK customers expect brands and companies in retail to use their social media presence to improve service levels. 39% admitted they would avoid a brand if their engagement on social media was lacking. This reveals how important a good social media presence is.

The study also found 85% of customers would envisage a response if they had posted a negative statement regarding a company. This indicates customers do expect companies to be communicating via social media.

In regard to customer experience, 71% of customers who communicated with a brand online had a positive result. Suggesting online interaction can improve a customer’s brand satisfaction.

Social media is a company’s opportunity to create a real buzz for their product and really engage with its customers.