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Queens Log: Delivering a Daily Dose of Cute

Hayley Cowburn


Our latest project idea started out as an idea for a website and after testing out some of our content, it became clear that Facebook will be our front page and a website will come second.



The Idea


The idea is to deliver news stories, images and chatter about all things cute. From pets to inspiring stories, design, media and follower submitted content. After testing out the reaction to what we had up our sleeves on social media, an audience quickly warmed up to us on Facebook, reaching thousands of followers in weeks. We’ll be forever grateful to these first followers whose support (every comment, like and photograph) has made scouring the internet for all its cuteness, copyright checking and hours of video production worth it. It tells us we’re doing something right and the formula all along was to just create something we’re passionate about - no matter how simple or adorable it might be. Often, simplicity is key.


soo cute meme mouse

The Latest

It’s early days and before we invest in a full website, we’re focusing on learning more about what our audience likes to see, and our audience is growing in the process. One thing that’s becoming clear is Facebook is likely to be the flagship of Soo Cute and a website might very much serve as a bonus – but we’ll see what our followers think when the time comes.


The best part is, I don’t think we'll ever tire of creating cute content and we're doing something we love!





If you'd like a daily dose of cute yourself or want to see how we're getting on, visit the Soo Cute Facebook page!