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Pros and Cons of Personalised Content

Author: Amanda Hosking

Personalised content is more popular than ever with thousands of brands trying to attain a more personal feel to their content marketing. With more traditional forms of marketing such as advertisements failing to succeed, social media and content marketing is now the way forward. Adding personalisation to this marketing can boost brand loyalty and sales.

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Personalised content can now be seen everywhere. Here are some examples:

• ‘Recommended for You’ suggestions on a fashion website, based on what you previously looked at
• Promotions and discounts by email which are just for you
• Netflix TV and Film suggestions based on your viewing habits
• The famous Coke name bottles

So, should your brand jump on the personalised content bandwagon? Below we discuss the pros and cons of this type of content.

The Pros

Happy, Valued Customers

Let’s admit it, we all love a bit of attention, and personalised content gives the customer just that. For example, our name is special to each of us and as such we like to hear or see our name being used. Therefore, if our name is used in an email from a brand this will cause a positive feeling towards the company and will feel more personal, as opposed to a generic email. Add an exclusive voucher to the email and a customer will feel valued and more likely to buy from your brand.

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Helps Your Brand Shine

Brands all over the world are now using content marketing and creating great content. Personalised content can make your brand stand out from the rest.

By engaging your customers with personal recommendations, emails, social media ads etc you are providing them with a more exclusive service. A customer is more likely to choose the brand that is giving them more attention and catering to their needs.

Increased Sales

Personalised content has been shown to increase brand sales. MarketingProfs have made this connection with brands using the approach having a rise of 19% in sales. The personal approach, therefore, seems to be well received by customers.

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The Cons

Trial and Error

Not all personalised marketing will be effective. You will have to test out different types and which people to target to see which forms work well and which don’t.

A study by Pure360 showed that just 7% of customers have an interest in messages which relate to their personal information, for instance, their birthdays.

Specific Audience

Personalised marketing is not for everyone, so research is required. Younger generations including Millennials and Generation Z are more likely to enjoy this type of content. The above Pure360 study revealed that it is Millennials that are most motivated by offers personalised to them. 54% said they would connect with brands that gave them personalised offers.

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Successful Personalised Content

Here is a great example of how personalised content can work. Tails.com, a dog food company, has made brilliant use of this type of content. Their brand makes food tailored to your dog, so they have an ideal opportunity to produce personalised content.

Emails from Tails.com contain your pets name and recommendations for them. For example, ‘we think Buddy would love our new treats’ and ‘we hope Buddy is enjoying his food’. The website also provides tailored content such as ‘view Buddy’s products’.

This content creates a personal feel and conveys that the company really care about you and your dog. This, in turn, encourages people to buy from the company and remain loyal customers.

So, although this type of content does have pros and cons, if you do your research we think personalised content can be a real winner for your brand.