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Our Top Three Valentines Ads

Author: Amanda Hosking

We all love a good old Valentine’s commercial to make our hearts melt or create laughter. We’ve poured over the ads of the past few years and selected our three favourites.

In descending order…

3. Boots

This is a heartwarming advert which focuses on the thought and consideration people put into their Valentine’s Day gifts. Viewers take a look at three couples and the thoughtful gifts they choose for their partners.

2. Topshop/Topman: Valentines Dilemmas

The clothing brand takes a comical look at modern dating and the pressure and awkwardness involved. We like this ad as it goes against the traditional romantic theme and looks at the more difficult parts of dating and injects some humour into it.

1. Pandora: You Know What To DO

Pandora’s latest ad features a couple who ‘don’t do’ Valentine’s Day and how every couple has a different way to show their affection. It is sweet and romantic, but not too soppy! The perfect balance.