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Musical.ly: The New Social Video Platform You Need to Hear About

Author: Amanda Hosking

It was announced late last year that video sharing app Vine would be closing. This was sad news for the developers and followers of the platform. However, social video sharing is still in demand.

Musical.ly is a music based social video platform released in 2014. It enables users to produce their own short music videos. You can sing, lip sync, dance and provide comedy. The videos can also be edited by adding sound effects, filters, time lapses and more, allowing users to get creative with their videos.

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Why use Musical.ly?

This app is like Dubsmash, although what makes it unique is that it has its own social community. On Musical.ly users can share their videos with others on the app. They can gain comments and likes and have a chance to be featured on the video leader board.

The ability to create music videos and share them instantly on the apps social network has made Musical.ly extremely popular. The app has 10 million active users per day and around 70 million members. It has been number 1 on the IOS free app section in 20 countries since first being released.

The Target Audience

The platform is largely aimed at children and teenagers. Creator Alex Zhu came up with the idea after noticing a group of teenagers recording themselves whilst listening to music.

Some users have gained a huge following and made careers out of their video recordings. Baby Ariel and Jack Sartorius have a large, loyal fan base on the app and are now making careers for themselves. This has happened before on social media - Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube.

Music Industry and Brands

With its rising popularity, music artists have now started to appear on the app to promote their music. Musical.ly has no problems with copyright as they have deals with key labels. Artists such as Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and Jason Derulo have been on the app using competitions to promote upcoming singles and albums.

Coca -Cola is the first brand to come on board, getting together with top creators to promote their #shareacoke hashtag. We are sure more will follow.

Live.ly Launch

In June 2016 Musical.ly launched the Live.ly app which is a live video streaming platform. This gives users the opportunity to stream their videos live and share them with the community. The app reached number one on the IOS app store in 8 countries just after it was released.

One feature of Live.ly is that users have a chance to earn money from the videos they post. Users can buy video creators gifts in exchange for their name emerging on screen, or just to show appreciation for the video. Some creators have allegedly earned $46000 in two weeks.


The Future for Musical.ly

It will be interesting to see how well the app does in the future. As it has a mainly teen following it could be the case that it is a teen craze and that users will move on to the next big thing. However, the app does have a unique offering of social media, music, and video in one place. This could encourage more people to use the app and current users to stay using it.