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Mumpreneurs: Changing the Game

Author: Amanda Hosking

Mumpreneurs are women with children who set up their own businesses. They have passion, commitment, creativeness and are extremely hard working. However, they want to ensure they are in control of their working hours and have enough time for their family.

Mumpreneurs are achieving great success and are a force to be reckoned with!

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For many women going back to work after having a baby does not make financial sense as childcare costs are extremely high. They could also face inflexible working hours and struggle to meet the demands of the job after having a child. This means many women will work part-time or be stay at home mums until their children are older.

Many women want to stay at home with their babies to spend quality time with them and not miss important moments because of a taxing full-time job with long hours. Mums who do work full time often end up feeling ‘mummy guilt’ and dislike spending so much time away from their young children. It can be a constant juggling act and can be extremely difficult to balance work and home time.

This is why we have seen a rise in mumpreneurs, as women want to take back control of their work and home life. Mums who set up their own businesses can have more control over their working hours, work from home, be their own boss, and attain that all-important work-life balance.

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These women have an opportunity to follow their passions and set up their dream business. Although it can be a struggle balancing running their own company and looking after their children, it has paid off for thousands of mums who are running successful businesses and having fulfilling family lives.

These mums are taking control and they are doing a fantastic job!

Top Mumpreneurs

Eve Bell set up online baby shop 'Baba+Boo' after having child number two. Eve worked as a buyer prior to setting up her own business. This involved long hours and after having her second baby childcare expenses were so high that it was not worth going back to work. Eve then had the idea to open a business selling affordable cloth nappies that are reusable. Since starting up in 2009, Eve has saved 15 million disposable nappies from ending up in landfill.

Victoria Molenyeux from Manchester set up clothing website ‘Want That Trend’ in 2014 when she was pregnant. She invested £1000 of her savings into it and the company is now turning over £7 million. Victoria said although it was a struggle organising running a company and being a mum, it ‘gradually came together’ and was ‘all worthwhile’.

These mums have shown that you can be a mum and run a successful business. It may be tough at times, but it can work and can lead to a better work-life balance.

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Mumpreneur Power

In 2015, it was revealed that the ‘mum-economy’ generated over £7 billion for the economy in the UK in 2014. By 2025 this figure is expected to rise to £9.5 billion. The ‘mum-economy’ is mothers who run their own business and have children under 18 years old. These figures show the true power of mumpreneurs and their high contributions to the economy. They also sustained 204,000 jobs in 2014 which is pretty damn impressive.

The ever-growing digital world has enabled more women to pursue their goals and become mumpreneurs. Women can run their businesses from the comfort of their own homes using the internet and computing. All the essentials for running a company can be done via a computer such as creating a website, managing social media, interacting with clients, networking, marketing and much more.

It is inspiring to see these women raising a family and setting up successful businesses alongside. Multi-tasking at its best! And without the sacrifice of precious family time.

These mums have a ‘we can do it’ attitude and there are many online outlets where mumpreneurs share ideas, help and advice on running a successful business alongside being a mum.

This is a community of passionate, committed women and we are all for it. Mum power all the way!