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Love and Relationship Blogging

Author: Amanda Hosking

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Starting a blog about love and relationships can be interesting and exciting. We all have our own romantic experiences and often call on family and friends to ask for help and advice. 

Therefore, people will also be looking online for stories and advice on love and relationships. Be that on dating, marriage or celebrity couples, the list of topics you can blog about within this area are endless.
Here are some suggestions to help you on your way:


Trying to find ‘the one’ often involves many a date and a lot of experiences good and bad! Provide relatable articles such as: top first date plans, embarrassing dating stories, how to get a second date and online dating advice.



Dedicate a section to couples. This topic can contain a mixture of different articles including date night ideas, making time for each other, coping with long distance, dealing with a break-up and is he/she the one?

Being in a couple can come with worries and readers will appreciate some fresh ideas and support.


Marriage is an important milestone in an individual’s life and thus it is an important topic to blog about. Ideas are: where to elope?, why get married?, wedding day planner, getting married a second time and marriage problems.

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Getting divorced can be a difficult choice to make and can be an extremely hard time in someone’s life. Product articles that people can take comfort in reading and that provide reassurance that everything will work out.

Possible articles include real life divorce stories, when divorce is the right option, the divorce process and parenting after divorce.


This is a great section to have as people are always looking for help and advice regarding their love life. This section could allow people to submit their questions and you could answer them. Or it could contain advice articles on a variety of topics.

Examples are: not ready for marriage?, how to end a stagnant relationship, choosing your maid of honour and what to do if your partner wants children but you do not.

Top Tips

Provide readers with top tips on different topics. These are useful for readers who want a quick read with not as much text to focus on. Examples include top 10 first date restaurants, top 5 things not to say in your wedding speech and top tips for a lasting marriage.

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Real Life Stories

A section revealing people’s personal relationship experiences. This could be on dating, breaking up, getting married and much more. Real life stories are interesting and relatable for readers.

Celebrity Dating

We all love a bit of celebrity dating gossip! Gather the latest new on the hottest celebrities and couples and publish them on your blog. You can report on new couples, marriage and baby announcements, breakups, honeymooners and more.

Film and TV

Take note of upcoming romance films and TV shows and review them on the blog when they are released. You can also compose articles such as: top 10 romantic films, the most cry-worthy romances, rom-com's based on books.

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Relationship Types

Relationship labels have become changeable in recent years with single or monogamy not being the only two options. Blog about all labels: monogamous, open, complicated, and casual.

We think we have provided you with plenty of ideas to get you started, good luck!