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Introducing Animojis on the iphone X

Author: Hayley Cowburn

Prepare to flap your wings with excitement or be freaked out...

This is like Snapchat on another level; not only has the release of the new iPhone X got people talking about its mind-boggling price tag, it's also got us super-excited about a new form of emoji: the animoji. 





What are Animojis?

Animojis are animated emojis, brought to life with the Face ID hardware built into the new iPhone X. With this, your face will map perfectly onto a fox, dog, cat, monkey, poo or unicorn emoji with your expressions and whatever it is you want to say. They smile when you smile, frown when you frown and raise their eyebrows at the price you're paying for the privilege.



animojis conference



The animation is quick and moves with your face in real time. You can then edit and preview before sending to your friend. It looks like they could be a lot of fun to play with, but for now, they can only be used and sent via the iPhone messages app for iOS 11.



animojis cat example


So, what do you think?

Cool, creepy or a fad set to die? If the feature is as user-friendly as it looks, we think this could be a big hit with families, adults and younger generations alike. We already know that people love to have fun with filters, and now it could be more accessible than ever, well, when the dupe is out.

So, will emojis be a hit? Will it last? And which of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror predictions will come true next?!