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How your Website Can Affect Customer Relations

Author: Amanda Hosking


As consumers now spend a large amount of time browsing online, it is of great benefit to have a strong, eye-catching, interactive website for your brand. Even if you do not sell products online, it is worth having a website to inform potential customers of what your brand is about.

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Obviously, there are a variety of traditional and modern ways to promote your brand e.g. banners, newspaper ads, flyers, emails, offers etc. But as many people now enjoy browsing online, it is likely that consumers will want to browse a website to gain extra information about your brand as opposed to calling, emailing, going into store etc. In turn, viewing the website may then encourage them to buy into your brand and make purchases.

Your website can affect a consumer’s impression of your brand in a variety of ways. Here are the points to be aware of.


A slow running website or a website that experiences a lot of downtime can be a real frustration for consumers. Ensure you have a quality hosting company to avoid these issues. If an individual struggles to access your website due to these issues they are likely to develop a negative view of the brand and are less likely to become customers. In this day and age consumers expect instant, 24-hour access to websites, so if you cannot provide this they will simply move on to the next website.


It is important to make sure that your website works on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones, as consumers often use multiple devices to browse the internet. Check how the website appears on each device and how it can be adjusted to improve the user experience on each device.

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A lack of working functions can be a problem for yourself and consumers. For example, if a consumer cannot click on an item they want to view, or they cannot add an item to their basket this could affect sales. As with any website problems like this can occur, the main thing is to ensure these issues are fixed promptly to keep customers happy.

User Interface

A strong website will draw you in and be easy to navigate. If a website has a great user interface a consumer is likely to continue browsing the site for a longer length of time. If the interface is cluttered and confusing they are prone to leaving. It is a good idea to have users test your website and give their opinions before going live. This way you know which parts to improve.


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Images and Videos

Having high-quality imagery and videos can also enhance a consumers view of your brand. As much as we like to read, humans love to look at visual images and our eyes are often drawn to images over text. This is why it is important to provide high-quality imagery. Videos can be a great addition too as they are highly engaging, and you can be creative with them.

Review Area

If you are an e-commerce site, having an option to allow customers to leave reviews of your products can enhance your customer relationships. Being able to leave reviews makes current customers feel more valued and future customers can get a feel for what a product will be like. Most consumers nowadays do want to read reviews for products and thus having reviews on your site can encourage sales. In addition, if you are not an e-commerce site, you could add testimonials from valued clients.

So, there you have it, nail down all these points and achieve a brilliant website that creates a great view of your brand for consumers.