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Planning The Content for a New Website

Author: Hayley Cowburn

How To Plan & What To Include


1. Research what other websites are doing.

Take a look what content, pages and features other websites in your industry are using. Look at competitors if you must.


2. Brainstorm your own ideas

What do you want to include? Don’t be afraid to break the mould and share your brand message or philosophy however you want. Just make sure you make a note of what pages you need to accommodate the content you want before building the site.


3. Make a big fat list

Get a pen, paper and some colleagues together and write a fat list of everything to be included. Even if you don’t use everything on the list, at least you can come back to it later. Its better to have too much than too little on this list.


kermit planning content


4. Work out a Structure

Use a sensible structure and look at the layout, menu and design conventions of other reputable websites. Although it’s the designer’s job to make the look, navigation and branding perfect, it is best to collaborate on where content will need to go and in what format.


5. SEO must not be an afterthought...

Do some comprehensive keyword research on your key products and services and use these to structure your menus and page content. As a rule of thumb, keywords with the most search should appear either as top or second-level menu items on your website. Also make sure to create a content marketing platform such as a blog, news or resources section for you to create content for a more engaging user experience. You can also use these extra content areas to create content targeting more queries or "longtail keywords" in search.


6. Use tools

Unless you have access to a huge whiteboard you can leave un-wiped for weeks, we suggest looking online for tools the plan the content you want to include and how to structure.
We really like SlickPlan for structuring and Bubbl.us for brainstorming.

content planning tools


7. Here’s a few to get you started

To get you started, here a couple of conventional pages you can start preparing content for in advance of the site design:

        The Team
        How we work
        Individual Product/Service Pages
Blog or News
T&C’s, Privacy Policy etc.