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How To Lighten The Workload

Author: Amanda Hosking

Do you feel like you have work overload in your current job? Sometimes it can feel like there is so much work to be done in such little time. This can create panic and stress.  If you are struggling with your workload, here are some useful tips on ways to save time and how to de-stress after a day at the office.

woman on laptop

1. Organise Time Using Apps

Planning how to make the most out of your time will help to reduce stress and enable you to get more tasks done. There are now a large variety of mobile apps that can help you do this such as Planner Pro, Google Calendar, Timebox and Toodledo.

app                                                                                                                                 Source: noproblemmac.com

2. Take 10 Minutes a Day to Relax

If you are constantly working and on the go, you will wear yourself out. Make sure you relax by choosing a certain time each day to take 10 minutes for yourself. This will create calm and help reduce stress levels.

3. Ask for Help

One big tip is: do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it! If you have too much work, ask colleagues to take some off your shoulders. If they do not have much work to do, they will be happy to help and you can return the favour at a later date.

4. Exercise

Exercise gives you energy and makes you alert which can increase productiveness at work. So going to the gym before work is a great idea! Doing exercises such as Yoga and Pilates can also help you relax – a good idea for after work stress relief.


5. Bring on an Apprentice or Work Experience Student

This is a brilliant idea if you have a heavy workload as you can pass the smaller tasks onto the apprentice. They will be gaining experience whilst helping with your workload.

6. Breathing Exercises

If you are feeling overwhelmed simply taking deep breaths in and out for a couple of minutes can clear the mind and help you remain calm.

7. Prioritize

Decide which tasks are more urgent than others. Make a list in order of importance then get cracking! Prioritizing will keep you organised, less stressed and have a good feeling each time you tick a task off the list.

when you prioritize all the important stuff gets done                                                                                                                               Source: russellwhite.com

8. Take Breaks

Make sure you take frequent breaks to relax and recharge, it will help you work better.

9. Have a Discussion with Your Boss

If you genuinely feel you have too much work and it is causing stress talk about it with your boss and see if you can come to a solution together.

10. Go Outside on Lunch

Sitting in the office eating lunch means you are having no time away from the workplace which can heighten stress. Go outside for lunch to get some fresh air and distance from the office. You will feel more refreshed for the rest of the day.

ladies at lunch

11. Ask Others How They Handle Their Workload

If you and your colleagues all have a similar amount of work, ask them how they manage their workload. They may give you some handy tips!

12. Learn to Switch Off

Constantly thinking about work out of hours can make you feel stressed a lot of the time. Make an effort to not think about work after you have left the office.