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How to Improve your Email Marketing

Author: Amanda Hosking


Although more digital marketing approaches have arisen, such as social media marketing and influencer marketing, email marketing has remained a popular option.

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It is still very effective at increasing engagement and sales for brands, and so it is important to ace your email marketing campaigns.

Consumers do not want to be spammed with constant emails of the same nature, they want personalised emails with fresh news and offers. Emails need to gain the attention of the consumer and contain information which is of high interest to them.

Here are some ways to improve your marketing efforts:

Keep it Varied

Ensure the emails you send out are varied and contain fresh information. For example, one type of email could contain new products, and another type could contain special offers and discounts. This keeps your consumers engaged with your brand as each email will be filled with new content. 

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Subject Title

Try to create snappy subject titles which are attention-grabbing and straight to the point. This is the first snippet of content the consumer will see when checking their emails, so it needs to be eye-catching. E.g. ‘MEGA summer sale ends tonight!’

Mobile Friendly

Is it essential to make sure your emails are optimized for mobile devices as this is the most used device option, especially by the younger generations. If your emails cannot be viewed correctly on mobiles, consumers are likely to ignore or delete them.

Personalised Content

Emails that are personalised to each consumer work extremely well. Consumers that receive emails tailored to their interests/needs are more likely to make purchases than consumers who receive generic emails.

Personalisation can include:
• Inputting your consumer's name (into the subject heading or email itself)
• Sending unique vouchers and offers
• Sending product suggestions e.g. ‘products you may like…’

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Time of Day

Test which times of the day gain the highest open rates. Try several different times in the morning, afternoon and evening and analyse which times perform the best. By doing this you ensure that more consumers notice your emails.

Interactive Emails

Consider including interactive elements in your emails. This can add interest and enable the consumer to fully engage with your email. Options include GIFS, countdown clocks, image carousels, games, and shopping carts.

Follow these tips to create a great email marketing campaign.