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How to Find Inspiration in the Office

Author: Amanda Hosking

Working in the office 9 till 5? Doing the same job, sat at the same desk, eating the same lunch each day, it can be very easy to lack motivation. Especially when boredom and tiredness strike. Your work environment can dramatically affect your mood and creativeness, and so it can often be difficult to feel inspired with new ideas.

So what can you do to find creative inspiration in the office? We have a few thoughts:

1. Personalise your Desk

A bland desk with no splash of colour and personality can lead to uninspired work. Create an inviting workspace by adding photos, plants, mugs and seasonal decorations to your desk. This will refresh your desk space and your mind too! You can then get your creative juices flowing in your new bright space.

2. Get Some Exercise

Exercise makes you feel good and wakes you up! Go to the gym before work and you will arrive feeling pumped and ready to go. This means you will be more productive and creative.

people at gym

3. Post It!

Whenever you think of a new idea, jot it down on a post it note and stick it to your computer. This unleashes your creativeness. You can then sort them out later on and pick your best ideas.

4. Take Some Time Out

Take breaks from your work and you may find inspiration pops out at you. Our best ideas often come to us when we step away from our work and focus on other activities. So, take breaks every hour, go for a coffee or a walk or whatever you fancy.

tea cup

5. Listen to Music

If you can, when you are feeling unmotivated, put on some uplifting music. Music is very powerful and can influence your mood. Uplifting, happy music will soon get you feeling motivated and working away.

6. Keep Organised

An organised desk…an organised mind! Having an untidy desk is not very inspiring. Tidy up your desk and clear out your drawers. You will soon be feeling creative.

man on laptop

7. Switch it Up

Being sat in the same place every day can lead to a lack of inspiration and boredom. Think about changing your furniture, moving your desk or sitting at a new desk in a different area of the room.

8. Get Together

Team work is great for generating new ideas and getting inspiration from others. Join forces with your team members and collectively gather creative ideas. This also gets you up from your desk and doing something different.

team at work
We hope these ideas will help you to find all the creative inspiration you need.