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How to Defeat the January Blues

Author: Amanda Hosking

After the excitement of Christmas and New Year, our mood can take a slight dip in January. This is due to the festive season being over and a variety of other factors. There are less events to look forward to, the days are dark and cold, and we generally have to wait longer for our wage due to early December paydays. All these factors can have an effect on our mood and can cause what is known as the ‘January blues’.

So, how can you beat your blues? Read on for some helpful tips…

Make Plans

We spent months anticipating Christmas and now we are left with not much to look forward to. Combat this by making plans that you can get excited about! This could be a weekend trip to the cinema or a summer holiday abroad. Once you have made plans your mood should start to improve.

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Make a Change

January is a great time to make some changes. Take some time to think about an area in your life that you are unhappy with and what you could do to change this. This could be a change of career, seeing family more, or allocating more ‘me’ time. Even a simple hair colour change could give you the buzz you need!


Physical exercise has many great benefits. One benefit is that when we exercise we release endorphins which can boost our mood. How about starting a new fitness class or giving something like yoga a go? You will be feeling energetic and bright in no time.



Go Outdoors

Instead of staying inside where it’s warm and cosy (this does sound appealing!) venture to the great outdoors and be at one with nature. Being outdoors in the natural light can lift our mood and reduce stress and anxiety. Try taking a walk on your lunch break or plan an outdoor activity at the weekend.

Take up a New Hobby

Post-Christmas means getting back into the same routine. This can become monotonous and contribute to our January blues. So, you need to jazz up your routine! Taking up a new hobby can be a brilliant way to do this. You could take up a new sport or attend a crafting class. Starting a new hobby will break you out of your normal routine and give you something to look forward to during the week. This can boost your mood.

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Humans crave interaction and so socialising can greatly increase our mood. Of course, we all need personal time, but arranging meet-ups with family and friends can benefit us in many ways. So, get planning!

We hope these tips help you all this January. And then there’s pancake day to look forward to!