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Fashion Blogging Ideas

Author: Amanda Hosking

There is a vast range of topics to write about on a fashion blog. As fashion is ever evolving and changing you will never run out of topics to post! There is always a new trend coming out or a celebrity award show where all the ladies come out in their finest outfits.

The hardest part of writing a fashion blog may be deciding which topics to focus on and then making the blog interesting and varied by alternating the topics. Here are some popular topics to choose from to help you on your way.

Top Tips

This is a very popular topic due to its broad nature as top tips can be given to clothing, accessories, bags, shoes and more! Example articles could be ‘Top tips to create the perfect festival outfit’ and ‘Top 10 winter coats to keep you cosy and warm’. This topic is great as everyone appreciates being given some handy tips and looking at the latest buys.

festival fashion                                                                                                                                        Source: Cosmopolitan

Fashion News

Keep readers up to date with the latest fashion news and find the most exciting stories to keep them interested. Fashion news could be about fashion week, celebrities, fashion magazines, fashion designers and so on.

How To Wear It

These articles educate readers on how to wear their favourite items of clothing in a variety of ways. For example, an article could focus on ‘3 ways to wear a pencil skirt’. One way could be with a chunky jumper and boots and another with a simple cami and sandals. Add images of the different outfits for an eye grabbing article.

fashion outfits                                                                                                                                        Source: Pinterest 

Latest Trends

Keep up to date by blogging about the latest fashion trends. Provide images and information about where to buy, how to wear, price tag and why the item is so popular.

Celebrity Fashion

We all love to know what the rich and famous are wearing which makes this topic an excellent one to blog about. Keep an eye out for what celebrities wear in the day, at the gym, on date nights and at award shows and other glamorous events.

celebrity awards fashion                                                                                                                                    Source: Instyle.com

Beauty Bargains/Treats

Sometimes we can’t afford many fashion items and other times we love to splurge on one treat item. This is why blogging about beauty bargains and luxury treats is a brilliant idea, as it will give readers inspiration on what to buy when they are strapped for cash, and when they are wanting a treat.


Outfit Inspiration

There are so many occasions that people are looking for outfit inspiration for. This means many articles can be written on this topic. For example, articles on wedding, party, date, prom, christening and office outfits can be a big hit with readers. These articles need to be regularly updated as fashion trends change; as an outfit for a summer wedding would not be the same as for a winter wedding.