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Create the Ultimate Travel Blog

Author: Amanda Hosking

Travel blogging has become huge in recent years and many individuals love to document their amazing journeys. If you are a traveller and would like to blog about it, we have provided some great ideas to get you started. There are so many topics to blog about travel wise, even if you don’t travel you can still create a travel blog!

Travel Guides

You could produce a variety of travel guides on topics such as budget travel, luxury travel, backpacking across Europe, USA road trips and much more.

Within these guides, you could include personal experiences, top tips, where to stay, the best mode of travel, top rated restaurants, upcoming events etc.

map                                                                                                                                          Source: Pinterest

Travel Diary

If you are currently travelling, you could blog on the go by writing a travel diary. You could document where you are, what you have done each day and any other interesting information.

Best and Worst Travel Experiences

Blogging about your good and bad times travelling gives an honest opinion to the reader and enables them to be aware that travelling can have many ups and downs.

Favourite Places

Write about some of the best places you have travelled to and why you loved them so much. Include photographs from your time there and any unique experiences you had.

norway                                                                                                                                    Source: visitnorway.com

Food and Drink

Had some delicious meals whilst travelling? Take photos and blog about your most favourite meals. Mention the meal you had, and the restaurant name and place, so others can try it out if they travel there.

You could also write about cooking methods in different countries, speciality dishes, and local fresh foods.


Accommodation can be hit and miss and cost can be a major factor in deciding which place to choose. Document your accommodation experiences recommending the ones you like and pointing out places to avoid.

You could blog about budget stays, luxury apartments, hostels, city stays, unique accommodation etc.

Architecture, Landmarks, and History

If you travel to places rich in history and full of beautiful architecture this is definitely something to blog about. You can create an interesting piece about your experiences and include some quality photography to go alongside the text. 

collaseum                                                                                                                                   Source: lonelyplanet.com


Blog about events you have been to whilst travelling such as festivals, opera, musicals, carnivals and parades. You could write a review of the event and whether you would recommend it to others.

If you are not travelling, you could research exciting upcoming events around the world and blog about them. This will give your readers some ideas if they are planning a trip.


Photography is a must whilst travelling. Document your journey through images and blog about each place you have been to including your best photographs.


If you have made friends on your travels you could blog about how you met, where they are from, and what you did together. This gives others an idea of what it will be like to travel and the kinds of people they will meet.

backpackers                                                                                                                                 Source: newzealand.com 

We wish you luck on your travels!