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Content Marketing for Letting Agents

Author: Amanda Hosking

Now, this is one we’re particularly passionate about...

In the face of constantly changing legislation, a national housing crisis, Brexit and new regulations, UK landlords have been scouring the internet for the truth – and where were you?

Beyond the sales and advertising messages, how do landlords know they can trust you? What knowledge does your website showcase? Are you likely to answer questions landlords will have about the upcoming right to rent checks? And what other hot ‘keywords’ will you be targeting in the search engines?

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Here’s how you can attract more landlords and tenants to your website using content:

News Section

Create a news section on your website with all the latest news important to landlords and tenants. News stories relevant specifically to tenants or landlords means they can rely on you for important information that will affect them. News stories also allow you to capture traffic from topical keywords such as “Brexit”, “right to rent” and “immigration”.

See our new ‘News Package’ service to have a news section managed for you.

Example “News for Landlords & Letting Agents” – PIMS.co.uk

Resource Section

Create an area of resources for your tenants and landlords – not the heavy contractual stuff, but free print-outs and downloads. Perhaps answer some tenant FAQs once a month, a glossary, simple explanatory articles for first-time renters, buyers or landlords. Not only can resources keep them coming back, but can also make great outreach pieces if you decide to perform an outreach campaign to increase engagement with your website.

Example “The Right Move House Price Index Stats & graphs” – Right Move

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An easy and effective way to target a world of keywords that don’t feature elsewhere on your website. A blog can be much more light hearted and can include topics currently trending on Facebook, Twitter and in the media.

In a blog, you can switch from topics as serious as politics to practical tips to news stories and the latest projects that went wrong on channel 4’s ‘Grand Designs’.

The Right Move property blog is a great example of content marketing, from celebrity homes to dream property news.

Example of fun content “7 Haunted Houses in Yorkshire” – Preston Baker

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Create a guide section that you add to every month. This could be for tenants, landlords, first-time buyers or students.

Guides amount to great chunks of content that will increase your average user’s amount of time engaging with your website (great for SEO). They are also keyword rich and make great shareable content for social media and outreach campaigns.

Example “First Time Tenants Guide” – Your Move


Want Help?

At Content Queens our job is to create regular content for our online businesses on a monthly basis. You could sign-up for an ongoing blog, news section, guides or resources. Just get in touch via our contact page with your query and we’d be more than happy to offer some advice.