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Blogging in Education

Author: Amanda Hosking

Blogging about education has become very popular as it is a great resource for teachers and other education professionals. Teachers can read these blogs for handy tips on lesson planning, dealing with behaviours and much more. It also brings teacher together to discuss and comment on issues they are interested in.

There are many education topics to blog about, here are some of the essential ones.


Lesson Advice

Teachers have to plan new lessons everyday which can be really hard work. Some useful articles to help teachers could be about lesson planning, handy resources to use and ideas for fun activities to implement in the lesson. Article examples are ‘5 steps to planning an interactive lesson’ and ‘Fun activities for a maths lesson’.


Exams are always of high importance to teachers and they will always have them in the back of their mind when teaching their students. Therefore, a section on exams would be really useful for teachers. Articles could include ‘how to prepare students for exams’, ‘5 tips to keep students calm before the exams’ and articles on recent exam news in the media.

children in lesson


Students will need some quality revision aids and notes to prepare for their exams. Many of these resources will be prepared by teachers. Articles on this topic could be about creating revision aids and providing revision resources that teachers can use in lessons. Examples include: ‘top creative revision aids’ and ‘top 5 ways for students to revise’.


Inject some comedy into the blog by creating a humour section. Articles should be related to teachers and students and should be humorous. Some examples are: ‘top spelling mistakes’, ‘the worst school uniforms’, ‘funny answers to exam questions’ and ‘the best homework excuses’.

students revising


There will always be some challenging behaviours for teachers to manage in the classroom. A section with advice on how to deal with different behaviours is a useful tool for teachers. Articles ideas include ‘top 5 ways to manage bad behaviour’ and ‘how to bring out children’s confidence in their abilities’.


Teachers have to lead a class. They may also move up to more senior roles such as the head of department or head teacher where they will need to learn how to lead a group of colleagues. A topic on effective leadership would thus be very useful for teachers. Example articles are: ‘how to transition into a leadership role’ and ‘top 5 essential leadership qualities’.

students in class


There could be a general section for other important topics to go in. Other interesting topics to write about include assemblies, homework, uniform, technology and teaching abroad.