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Blogging for Women and Why We Love It

Author: Amanda Hosking

Blogging for a female audience can be fun, exciting, and enjoyable. Women have a variety of different interests and we love to blog about them all.

In general, women tend to be more emotional than men. They love building relationships, listening to others, giving advice, and want to have a sense of community. This means they will crave more emotional content which appeals to their needs.

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From the latest beauty product to health advice, women find a wide range of content appealing. Popular topics include:

• Beauty
• Fashion
• Lifestyle
• Entertainment
• Celebrities
• Relationships and Sex
• Health and Wellbeing
• Parenting
• Advice
• Food and Drink

Within these topics, different types of content can be produced. Here are five types of content to create that will appeal to a female audience:

Informational Content

Women appreciate content that provides them with a wealth of interesting and useful information. By reading this content women are acquiring information that they may have been searching for, or that will be of use to them.

This content is highly engaging as you are educating your reader on an array of topics and sharing knowledge. Women like to share information, so may then discuss what they have read with family and friends.

Examples of informational content include mother and baby advice, research studies, statistics and facts, and health information.

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Females find guides extremely useful as they can help them with everyday tasks and can be used to improve their own lives in some way. Guides are practical and have real life uses so they are a great way to engage with your female audience. Example guides include:

• 5 Ways to Wear a Mini Skirt
• How to Make Fabulous Greeting Cards
• The Best Lasagne Recipe
• Your Ultimate Beauty Guide
• Quick Hairstyles for Busy Days

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Women love to get together and have a laugh with their friends. Find a topic close to the hearts of your target audience and spin some jokes. Humour can be found in many topics including TV, films, fashion, and current events.

An example from us is:

‘8 Kardashian Emotions You Will Go Through When Planning a Party or Wedding’ 

This is a light-hearted article for brides who are going through the exciting but often stressful time of planning their wedding. This article provides some comedic relief for these brides and some relatable content for what they are going through!

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Current Events

Women live to stay informed on real world events, celebrity news, fashion, music, and local activities/events. Make sure you provide your readers with the latest news about their topics of interest and keep them informed consistently. This will keep them coming back for more and they will have lots of interesting news to tell their colleagues and friends.

Example titles are:

• The Summer Fashion Trend You Need to See
• The Top 5 Places to Travel to Revealed
• Tickets for ‘Music Artist or Band’ Go on Sale Today!
• What’s Going on in Manchester This Month

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Many females love to be organised, independent, and do things for themselves. You should, therefore, provide them with the resources and tools to do this!

This could be:

• A beauty regime calendar
• A weekly food diary
• A summer lifestyle planner

An example from us is a ‘Hen Party Planner’ we created to help the friends of the bride to create the perfect hen party that is well planned and runs smoothly.

woman typing

We hope we have provided you with some useful ideas for blogging to females. We enjoy it and we hope you will too!