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Blogging for Arts and Crafts Stores

Author: Amanda Hosking

Arts and Crafts stores have endless crafting possibilities with their range of items. From sewing to baking, to card making there is a large variety of crafting activities available. This means that it can be a great idea for arts and crafts stores to have a blog to complement their products and give customers some inspiration on what to start crafting.

Here are some ideas on what to blog about:


Tutorials are a popular category to blog about. This category can be updated regularly with new ‘how to’ tutorials which can show customers how to make new and exciting items. Example articles are: ‘how to make a custom vase’, ‘how to make Halloween decorations’ and ‘how to make Christmas baubles’.

how to guide                                                                                                                             Source: howtoinstructions.org


In this section, you can provide ideas for crafting projects and how to complete them. Crafting projects could include ‘decorating and personalising a room’, ‘expert gift wrapping’ and ‘ideas for a shed transformation’.

Events and Workshops

Research up and coming art and craft events/workshops in the local area and then blog about them. There may be craft fairs events, art gallery openings and crafting workshops such as jewellery making.

craft fair                                                                                                                                Source: exploreyork.org.uk

Promoting New Items

A good idea is to have a section to blog about new items that have come into the store. You can blog about the new items and provide tutorials on how to create items using the new products.

Seasonal Crafting

Dedicate a section for seasonal crafting as this will be popular. Provide inspiration and tutorials for each holiday (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day etc.).

Christmas cards                                                                                                                                       Source: Hobbycraft

Children’s Crafting

Kids love experimenting and making new things so a category for children’s crafting is a must. This category can give parents great ideas on crafting activities to do with their children. You could also provide blog articles on ideas for school projects.

Wedding Crafting

Many brides go down the handmade route for some aspects of their wedding as it gives it a more personal touch. Provide articles on all crafting that is wedding related. E.g. ‘handmade vintage wedding invitations’, ‘beautiful custom centrepieces’ and ‘personalised guestbooks’.

wedding invite                                                                                                                                       Source: Pinterest

Fashion and Lifestyle

Some articles on fashion and lifestyle (related to arts and crafts) can be added for something different on the blog. Articles could be written about: new artists, latest fashion trends, wedding planning and seasonal news.

A really varied and interesting blog could be created for an arts and crafts store with so many interesting items to write about.