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Big Brands Do Halloween

Author: Amanda Hosking

That scary time of year is almost here again…Halloween!! From trick or treating to parties and events, Halloween is fun for all ages. To make the most of the holiday many big brands have created some amazing content pieces to captivate audiences and entertain them with their freaky commercials and pranks.

Here are our Top 10 content pieces:

1. Ford’s Spooky Car Wash Prank

This inventive prank was released in October 2014 and went viral immediately. Customers were scared senseless during a car wash with creepy monsters attacking the car in the dark!



2. Ikea Halloween Commercial

Ikea decided to promote their 11pm opening times with this spooky parody of the shining. It features a boy riding round a dark and derelict Ikea on his red tricycle coming across some very eerie sights.



3. Tides Halloween Vines

Tide got creative by producing a Halloween video on Vine which was a spoof of the ‘Carrie’ film released in 2013, featuring the caption was ‘Stains Better Be Scared’. They released more spoofs including ‘The Ring’, ‘Paranormal Activity’ and ‘Psycho’.



4. Target’s House on the Hallow Hill

Target created an interactive virtual reality series on YouTube where customers could explore a haunted house on their phone by tilting and angling it for 360-degree view. They could choose from a selection of freaky rooms to explore.


5. Tesco’s Spookermarket

This Halloween prank video got 1.3 million views within 5 days of posting it on social media. Scary ghouls and zombies pop out to frighten unsuspecting customers around the store!



6. Cravendale ‘Hint Of’ Commercial

This clever commercial uses sinister red cows as the scary objects rather than the usual ghosts and demons! It’s pretty haunting…


7. Snicker’s Horseless Headsman

The classic Snicker’s ‘you’re not you when you’re hungry’ commercial but with a funny Halloween twist.



8. Guinness Shadow Coasters

For every Guinness bought in local pubs and bars customers received a free Guinness shadow coaster. These coasters were in a variety of shapes including ghosts, goblins and devils. It certainly boosted Guinness sales over Halloween!

guinness                                                                                                                                      Source: Pinterest

9. LG’s So Real It's Scary

To promote LG’s IPS TV screen, monitors were installed on the floor of an elevator and the reactions of the passengers were filmed as the floor appear to fall away!



10. Kellogg’s Rice Krispy Scares

Vending machines were put up in shopping centres offering customers free Rice Krispy Scares…but they would have to endure a fright first!



We hope you have enjoyed the spooky videos and have a happy Halloween!