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Behind the Success of Beauty Bloggers

Author: Amanda Hosking

zoella                                                                                                                              Image: Zoella. Source: bbc.co.uk

Beauty blogging is now huge with thousands of bloggers all over the world weighing in with their beauty tips, advice, and opinions. Some beauty bloggers have achieved amazing success such as Zoella who now has her own beauty range and book. Highly rated bloggers can be hugely influential when it comes to beauty purchases, meaning many brands will give them free products to try and review. Others have the opportunity to work alongside big brands and get paid to promote their products.

So, what is the secret to their success? There are several rules you can follow to create a winning beauty blog.

Find a Niche

Delve into the beauty world and find a subject that is creative and unique. By specialising in a certain area, you will gain more attention and followers. There are tons of beauty blogs around so you need to identify a topic that has not been overdone. Choosing something you have experience or knowledge in can be a great idea as you will have lots to write about. Example topics are nail art tutorials, skincare routines, and hair extension reviews.

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Post at Least Once a Week

Consistency is key to developing a successful blog. The people reading your blog will need refreshing weekly content to stay interested in what you have to say. If a blog lacks content people will quickly move on to another beauty blog.

To ensure you post weekly, create a collection of pre-written posts which are on hand in case you don’t have time to post one week.

Build a Following

This is oh so important! Without a following, your blog will not be successful. Go down every avenue to market your blog and gain a large following. Sign up to various social media platforms and post regularly. Make sure your posts have varied content and are fun and interesting. E.g. articles, videos, memes, GIFs, reviews, quotes. Go to networking events to promote your blog, approach online magazines and offer to write a guest article for free, and work on your websites SEO.

Get your blog out there and your followers will go up and up.

woman on tablet                                                        

Quality Over Quantity

This sentiment is so true. It is far better to post once a week with a quality piece with stunning imagery as opposed to everyday with poor quality articles or reviews. Focus on producing quality content that engages your audience and professional imagery that draws attention. This is especially important for posting on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest which are highly focused on photography.

Find Your Audience

Decide what type of people you want to target (women, men, young, old, make-up artists, nail professionals etc.) and write your content accordingly. If you chose to target teenagers you could have a relaxed, fun style of writing, a bright girly website and focus on high street makeup, beauty tutorials, and the latest celebrity beauty trends. If you cater for the over 50’s your writing could be simple and clear, your website crisp and clean and your focus on anti-aging products, skincare routine, and premium beauty.

boho girl

Stand Out

Your blog needs to stand out from the crowd. Your writing style and opinions can help with this. Think about your personality traits and use them to develop your own unique writing style. Read other blogs to gauge different opinions and then decide on your own voice. Ensure you stick with your iconic writing style and voice to be recognisable.

Get Started!

This advice can be applied to any type of blog, not just beauty. Follow these tips to create a fun, interesting and successful blog with a large following. Good luck!

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