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8 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from Pusheen

Authors: Amanda Hosking & Hayley Cowburn

Pusheen the Cat is a cartoon character created in 2010 who first featured on comic strips on the website Everyday Cute. From here the character has received a cult following on social media where animations and images are frequently posted. Pusheen is also well known for having sticker collections on Facebook, this means people can use Pusheen emojis when messaging. The character is cute and appealing meaning it has become extremely popular and thus now has a range of merchandise. This includes clothing, homeware, stationery, jewellery, toys and even a pet range!

pusheen face

So, what is the secret to Pusheen’s success? Here are some valuable marketing lessons we can learn from this comical cat:


Cute Sells

People are instantly drawn to all things cute! All you need to do is scroll through your Facebook news feed to see that this is the case. There are hundreds of adorable animal and baby videos constantly re-shared each day. Viewing cute images and videos gives us that warm, fuzzy feeling and we are inclined to share this joy with others by sharing the content.

Pusheen’s comic strips, images, GIFs, and videos are super cute and varied making them extremely shareable. Better get working on your cuteness factor!

cute pusheen being cute

Stay on Top of Current Trends

It is important to stay up to date with the latest trends as this can benefit your marketing efforts. Pusheen ran with the unicorn and mermaid trends of late creating fun GIFs, videos, and products. A Pusheenicorn collection was launched which includes onesies, toys, jewellery, and stickers. This was well promoted on social media channels.

Try to pick trends that will be of advantage to your product e.g. unicorns work well for Pusheen as you can turn her into a unicorn! Ensure you are aware of each trend when they begin so as not to get left behind.

pusheenicorn plush

Use GIFs

GIF’s are very popular on social media as they are an instant source of entertainment. They are quick, easy to watch, and easy to share so they can work especially well for marketing purposes.

Pusheen has a vast collection of GIF’s that are humorous and cute. This includes Harry Potter Pusheen, Unicorn Pusheen, Baking Pusheen, Dancing Pusheen, Eating Pusheen and much more. Get creative and produce GIF’s that are relevant to your target audience.


pusheen gif



Keep Track of Upcoming Occasions

Pusheen animations are created for all main occasions and for other dates such as National Ice Cream Day and Earth Day. Create a calendar containing all main events and research smaller days and events that may be relevant to your brand and customer base. Use these dates to produce creative marketing pieces and social media posts.


Have Brand Events

Hold events for your brand and make them fun and informative. Pusheen stockist IT’SUGAR hosted Pusheen parties at several of their stores. They had music, cotton candy, a photo booth, giveaways, competitions, and free key chains. These events were promoted on Pusheen’s social media accounts and are a great way to gain customer loyalty and gain new customers.

pusheen party poster                                                                                                                      Source: Pusheen Official Facebook Page

Be Consistent

Pusheen posts are regular on mulitple social media platforms with a good variety of content – images, GIF’s, videos, new products, events etc, however, they know how to keep it distinctly Pusheen. One of the biggest keys to the "shareability" and success of Pusheen has to be the humour that the creators consistently deliver. They make fat cats fun and cute in a way reflects or own guilty, glutinous or cheeky pleasures - after all, you only live once right?  



Grow the Family

Pusheen has a little sister called Stormy! A smaller, fluffier cat who often comes across as a little baffled about Pusheen’s antics. We’ve also seen Pusheen’s mum, dad and another sibling! Stormy plushies are already proving popular in sales and is the perfect example of cleverly growing a brand with material people want to see. What cute character will the come up with next?!


pusheen siblings and dad



Give the fans what they want! Once you've found your niche and a golden formula that works, stick to it and roll it out more. Today, Pusheen merchandise can even be subscribed to with monthly "Pusheen Box" deliveries. It's a clever way of keeping fans engaged, keeping their hearts constantly melted with emotive merch, images and stickers and the ultimate goal: becoming a collectable. 


pusheen merchandisePusheenbox.com

Take these lessons and fly with them! Thank you Pusheen.