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50 Blog Article Ideas for a Dry Topic

Authors: Hayley Cowburn & Amanda Hosking

Struggling for blog ideas for your dry topic? Constantly thinking of new, interesting subjects to write about can be very difficult and time-consuming.


If you are looking for some inspiration look no further as we have provided a whopping 50 blog ideas for your dry topic!


1. Are any celebrities somehow linked with your dry topic?
2. What is the history behind your dry topic?
3. What are the pros and cons of your dry topic?
4. How will your dry topic be affected by Brexit?
5. What are some surprising facts about your dry topic?
6. Are there any apps that might help people with your dry topic?
7. What are the myths and misconceptions about your dry topic?
8. How does your dry topic affect other industries?
9. 10 Emotions that people will go through in relation to your dry topic


50 blog article ideas - img 1


10. A calendar of events or important dates related to your dry topic
11. Tutorials for your dry topic
12. Hilarious videos from YouTube related to your dry topic
13. Has your dry topic ever been in the news? Why?
14. A beginner’s guide to your dry topic
15. What are the other uses for your dry topic or product? (think outside the box!)
16. 10 Shocking products or photographs related to your dry topic
17. A survey related to your dry topic’s industry
18. 5 unconventional ways to use or do [insert dry topic here]
19. A personal experience of your dry topic


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20. Dry Topic: Behind the scenes
21. A series of videos for your dry topic: catwalk? How it’s done? How to use? Tips?
22. A ‘whitepaper’ or fact sheet about stats and trends in your dry topic’s industry
23. Games related to dry topic
24. “Must see TV shows” for your customers in relation to your topic
25. Reviews of products, services, shows and apps related to your dry topic
26. The Periodic table of your dry topic
27. The A-Z of your dry topic
28. Case studies for your dry topic, product or service
29. 20 Questions with someone of importance to your dry topic


blog article ideas - interview an expert


30. A guest post related to your dry topic
31. News from the local area or industry of your dry topic and customers
32. 10 Life Hacks which involve your product/service or are specific to your target audience
33. 10 Ways your dry topic makes a person sexy
34. Raise awareness of causes or charities related to your dry topic
35. Careers in your dry topic or industry
36. What your dry topic would look like if……….
37. Collaboration between you and business partners.. E.g. “Our business partner has done X, which is great for our dry topic because..”
38. Observations or comment on current entertainment news or events from the perspective of your dry topic e.g. Great British Bake-off, Olympics, Football Season, Comeback Tours, Big Brother, new TV shows etc.
39. Explore what your dry topic is like in other cultures.


blog article ideas - culture


40. Top 10 Most Popular X in your dry topic
41. What would the world be like without your dry topic?
42. The science behind your dry topic
43. The perfect playlist, outfit or design for your dry topic
44. 5 Top Social Media accounts about your topic to follow
45. A simple “cheat sheet” or guide to your topic
46. 10 Most frequently asked questions about your topic
47. Secrets and confessions from people related to your topic
48. A glossary for your topic
49. Tips for success with your topic
50. List of 50 ideas for your dry topic


blog article ideas - lists



We hope these ideas help with your dry topic and will be of some use to you. Happy blogging!