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5 Daily Habits in the Office to Save the Ocean

Author: Ellen Peet


Following the release of Blue Planet II, many were shocked to see how much damage our waste products, such as plastic, are doing to the ocean and its inhabitants.

Our own survey on office life and the environment revealed 96% of participants were concerned about this but many were unsure of how they could make a change in the workplace and still make a difference. All it takes is for all workplaces to adopt 5 simple practices and the effects on the amount of plastic making its way into the ocean would be dramatic while also saving everyone money.


Make your own tea & coffee

While 80% of workplaces provide tea and coffee making facilities, 10% of workers still own up to buying their hot drinks. If everyone used the office kettle and their own special mug just think of how many plastic cups and lids would avoid be thrown away while you save a £ or 2.


kettle for hot drinks


Drink tap water

Plastic bottles are one of the worst offenders for clogging up our oceans and rivers. A single plastic bottle can take up to 1000 years to break down and even then they become harmful chemicals for innocent animals to digest. Tap water is a cheaper and easier way to keep yourself hydrated at work. If you don’t have access to a tap maybe invest in an office water cooler to keep the use of individual bottles to a minimum.


tap water



25% of workplaces still do not have recycling facilities on the premises. Modern recycling bins can be small and tidy, blending in without taking up a lot of space. This would ensure that any waste products such as plastic and paper are removed to the correct facilities instead of being dumped with the rest of the junk.


recycling box


Bring a packed lunch

Shops such as Iceland and Waitrose have announced plans to remove plastic packaging from their shelves but you can help to buy making yourself a nice packed lunch in a reusable container instead of popping to the shops on your lunch break. Maybe pack a picnic and spend your lunch hour in the park. You get the benefits of fresh air and a break from the office without producing any waste from bags and packaging.

packed lunch boxwww.canstockphoto.com


Take the lead

All it takes is one person with an idea to make these things happen. All of these tips will help to protect our increasingly threatened oceans and environment while saving money. Out of all those who responded to the survey only 60% thought they would have the confidence to suggest changes in their workplace. It never hurts to ask.


office water cooler