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Queens Log: Delivering a Daily Dose of Cute

Introducing our new project Soo Cute, the daily dose of cute that hopes to make you smile.

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How to Get into the Christmas Spirit

Our tips will get you feeling festive in no time...

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This Years Top Christmas Ads

Our round-up of this years best festive ads...

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5 Alternatives to Working from your Desk

Step out of the office and explore new workspaces...

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How to Improve your Email Marketing

Follow our tips to create a great campaign...

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Summer: The Perfect Season for Some Me Time

Take some time for yourself this summer...

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How to Keep Your Readers Engaged

Grab your audiences attention with these great tips...

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6 Tips for Healthy Living this Summer

How to boost your well-being this summer...

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This Years Social Media Trends

Which trends are popular in 2018...

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Influencer Marketing: The Modern Way

How influencer marketing has evolved.

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Why Use a Content Management System?

We discuss the benefits of a CMS for your website.

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Women in Tech

Why we need more women in tech careers.

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How your Website Can Affect Customer Relations

Your website can affect a consumers view of your brand.

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The Importance of Social Media Presence

How being present on social media can do wonders for your company.

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Pros and Cons of Personalised Content

Can personalised content work for your brand?

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How to Improve Time Management in the Workplace

Follow our time management tips for a productive day at the office.

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Five Great Female Role Models

Some great women who are fabulous role models for us ladies.

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Our Top Three Valentines Ads

CQs favourite romantic ads...

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How to Create a Winning Valentine's Day Campaign

The day of love is almost upon us...

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How to Defeat the January Blues

How to combat the blues of January.

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5 Daily Habits in the Office to Save the Ocean

Following the release of Blue Planet II, many were shocked to see how much damage our waste products, such as plastic, are doing to the ocean and its inhabitants. Find out how you can make positive impact with some daily habits at the office here.

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This Years Festive Ads

Our top five Christmas adverts of 2017.

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Mumpreneurs: Changing the Game

How mumpreneurs are changing work dynamics for the better.

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Where to go Pumpkin Picking this year in the UK

We've pinpointed all of the best locations to go pumpkin picking in the UK this year on a handy Google map.

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Big Brands Do Halloween

10 amazing Halloween content pieces by big brands

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Introducing Animojis on the iphone X

New emojis on the iPhone X animated by your own facial movements! Too cool or too much?!

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Behind the Success of Beauty Bloggers

The key to beauty blogging success lies here!

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8 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from Pusheen

We can learn lots from this adorable cat...take it away Pusheen!

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The Year of the Unicorn

Dive into all things unicorn!

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Create the Ultimate Travel Blog

How to create an awesome blog whilst travelling.

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How To Lighten The Workload

Some useful tips on how to de-stress and save time at work

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The Rise of Music Subscription Services 

What the rise of subscription services means for video platforms.

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The Power of User Generated Content

How user generated content can have a strong influence on customers.

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The Strength of Branding

The might of branding and how to ensure your brand is strong.

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Is Print Still of Use to Companies?

Is print media still relevant in the digital age of marketing?

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Tips for a Company Newsletter

Develop an engaging company newsletter for your customers.

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Children and Advertising Literacy

How advertising literacy can affect children's perceptions of advertisements.

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The Super-Competitiveness of Food Blogging

Top food blogs and why they are successful.

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Love and Relationship Blogging

How to create a successful blog on love!

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Musical.ly: The New Social Video Platform You Need to Hear About

Social video sharing in still in high demand.

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Blogging for Women and Why We Love It

How to blog for a female audience and why we enjoy it so much.

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How To Make Money With a Blog

Advice on blogging and creating an income.

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How to Adjust your Marketing Approach for Each Generation

How to target each generation using different types of marketing.

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May vs Corbyn Snap Election - Social Media & Online Influence

Who's dominating the media might be a big debate... But in the run-up to the snap election, who is winning the internet?

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What is the Manchester Worker Bee Symbol?

You may have seen the worker bee symbol around Manchester city centre. Here we explain what the bee represents.

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We Made Hello Fresh Teddies

Sometimes... Creativity follows us home and sometimes there's a nagging need to try and recycle something...

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Can Creating An Enemy Help Your Brand Succeed?

Choose your enemy wisely to increase brand loyalty and growth.

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Our New Promo Video

This week we created our first small promo video. It’s a short and sweet kinetic typography video for us to say hello and showcase our brand sound.

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How to Plan a New Newsletter: Print-out Your Entire Inbox

When we want to exhaust every possible idea and get some inspiration, we like to work on paper... Pin it all up on the wall and analysis from top to bottom!

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Content Marketing for Letting Agents

How to create great content for letting agents.

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How to Make Aviation Interesting

How to make an aviation blog engaging for readers.

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Blogging for Arts and Crafts Stores

How to write a creative blog for your arts and crafts store!

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How to Find Inspiration in the Office

How to unleash your creativeness in the office.

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Blogging in Education

Some great education topics to start off your education blog!

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The Power of Loyalty Cards

Loyalty is key for brands and one way to attract loyal customers is through the use of reward schemes.

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How Audio Branding Can Help Your Business

Audio branding can enhance the customer experience and increase sales for your company.

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The Pain of Paying: And How to Reduce it for Customers

How to ease the pain of paying for your customers.

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The 10 Most Popular Animals on the Internet

These animals have become internet sensations in recent years and we can see why! Take a look at the top 10.

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Content Queens Investigate: Rise of the Silver Surfer

A recent survey has revealed an increased number of older adults are beginning to use the internet. We study these figures and look at what this means for brands and digital marketing.

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CQueens Investigate: Comic Relief Popularity & Donations Analysis

We noticed a dip in search for "red nose day" and "comic relief" in Google search and thought we'd investigate if there's been any impact on TV ratings and money raised.

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Planning The Content for a New Website

Want some simple no fuss guidance to planning content for a new website? Here's some basic tips to get you started.

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World Book Day 2017

Lots of exciting costumes ideas for the kids and the adults too!

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50 Blog Article Ideas for a Dry Topic

Running short of ideas for your next blog article title? Here are 100 ideas for your topic no matter how "dry" or "thin" it might be. There's always something to blog about!

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Social Media Tips for Online Marketers

Follow these tips to improve your social media marketing.

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Top Valentines Marketing Campaigns

Some of the most creative marketing campaigns for the day of love.

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DriveTribe: The Grand Tours' Clever Website

Checkout this beautiful content marketing campaign with a budget most marketers can only dream of. In the promotion of the new 'Grand Tour' series, you can join a Jeremy, Hammond or James tribe or others...

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What is Newsjacking?

Newsjacking can be done very well to get yourself some brand exposure when carefully done. Here are some great examples from Charmin, Oreo, Nestle & Marketwatch.

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Google VR Short Nominated for Oscar

A short virtual reality film produced by Google has gained an Oscar nomination!

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UNILAD is 2016's Most Prevalent Publisher on Facebook

Content and Video publishers UNILAD have taken the throne for most popular Facebook page of 2016. It pipped both the Daily Mail and competitor Lad Bible to the post...

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The Problem of Fake News

Fake news is on the rise and becoming a major problem.

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New Year New You

How to get in shape after the festive period!

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Fashion Blogging Ideas

How to make your fashion blog exciting and refreshing.

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