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About Us

What is Content Queens?

Content Queens is a content creation agency for businesses who need help with the content for their website, SEO, video scripts, editorials, presentations and more. 



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More About Us

Content Queens is a service developed by OddSphere Ltd to massively simplify our content marketing services. The service is led by OddSphere Marketing Director Hayley Cowburn and Content Executive Amanda Hosking. We’re an awesome team backed up by some amazing contractors we’ve relied on for years, including professional copywriters, bloggers, SEO consultants, web and software developers. We bring different talents together at OddSphere to deliver great marketing content solutions and make it more accessible to smaller businesses.

With Content Queens we wanted to make monthly SEO and content marketing easier for online businesses. It's becoming well known in the industry now that beyond the usual SEO tricks, great content is key to the success of a website. We want our clients to be safe in the knowledge that their website is being constantly updated by experts with content that will add real value for both the end user and search engines. 

With us, you can ditch the hassle of a big marketing agency with complicated contracts and slow service. Content Marketing requires a fast and reactive approach which we can deliver, by spotting digital trends, content opportunities and gaps your competitors may have missed. 


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